Twyt 0.8.5 - Dancing Like Astley

By Andrew Price, 2008-05-18 00:44:09 in General.

Twyt 0.8.5 has been unleashed. Twyt is a python Twitter API library and accompanying command line Twitter client.

This version improves greatly on the previous command line interface with added --help for each subcommand. The client code has been rejigged to use Python's optparse making it more scalable and flexible than before. It also has better local timezone and DST support. Here's a quick example:

andy@plato:~$ twyt --commands
Usage: twyt COMMAND [options] [args]

Available commands:
    archive Shows 80 of your status messages ordered by date of posting
     delete Deletes a tweet by ID
     direct Sends a direct message to another user
  directdel Delete a direct message which was sent to you
 directsent Prints the 20 last direct messages sent by you
   directtl Prints the 20 last direct messages sent to you
  friendstl Returns 20 most recent statuses in your (or USERNAME's) friends timeline
   publictl Shows the 20 most recent statuses in Twitter's public timeline
    replies Show the Nth page of 20 replies (messages with @yourusername in them)
   savepass Saves your username and password for subsequent use
       show Show a single status message by ID
      tweet Updates the authenticating user's Twitter status
     usertl Show your timeline, or USERNAME's timeline

For command-specific help, use twyt COMMAND --help
andy@plato:~$ twyt tweet "Showing off Twyt's cool, new, helpful, optparsed interface"
[813846209] twytdev: Showing off Twyt's cool, new, helpful, optparsed interface (Sun May 18 00:13:00 2008 via <a href="">Twyt</a>)

Next on the TODO list for Twyt are better support for multiple Twitter accounts and more complete support for the rest of the API functions. A handful of new API functions has appeared over the last few months so it'll be a challenge to catch up. My aim is to release version 1.0.0 once the whole API is supported in Twyt.

Updated python-twyt packages will hit Debian unstable very soon and Fedora as soon as I've finished upgrading to Fedora 9 (modulo studying for my final exams which start on Monday).