Twyt - A Command Line Twitter Client

By Andrew Price, 2007-12-27 05:53:53 in General.

Allow me to introduce my new little python program named Twyt (randomly chosen but could be backronymed to "That's what you think").

Twyt allows you to post twitter messages, delete them, view your friends' latest messages and view other various twitter "timelines" from the command line. It's very young and really only does enough stuff to keep me happy so it might be lacking in features that others may desire. Patches welcome, as usual.

I wrote twyt a couple of weeks ago after I couldn't find a twitter client that met my standards and stumbled across the Twitter API docs. If you prefer GUI clients, it shouldn't be too hard to import twyt's (or for that matter) and write a nice, shiny front-end for it. I've tried to document it quite well for that purpose - see the GUIHOWTO file for a possible example. Twyt uses the JSON interfaces to the Twitter functions and depends on the simplejson python library.

Have fun.