The Frog That Came To Visit

By Andrew Price, 2006-07-18 23:55:40 in General.

The slightly-too-hot weather has kept me indoors for the majority of today. When evening came and it started to become colder outside than inside I grabbed a book and a cold beer and put my feet up in the back garden to enjoy the cool air.

A photo of the frog that came to visit

As I reached page 232 in low light I heard a quiet, yet sudden, sound of rustling coming from the patch of grass in the middle of the garden (it's too small to be classed as a lawn in my head). I looked down to see a frog sitting still about a yard away from me on the grass. After staring for a while and feeling distinctly David Attenborough-esque I slowly got up and went to grab my parents' camera. After a few blurred attempts and much fiddling with the camera to find the up-close setting, I managed to get one decent photo[Original, 926KB] of it before it hopped off into the overgrown undergrowth.

A bit of research tells me that It's a common frog or rana temporaria and was around 5cm from feet to nose (total guess) with bright green speckling on its belly. I hope it finds somewhere cool/moist to shelter before the hot weather hits again tomorrow.