The Art Of Coursework

By Andrew Price, 2005-10-07 15:47:26 in General.

Last night we were all sitting in the lounge having a chat about the usual goings on when an art programme came on the TV. This triggered an interesting art debate, mostly between Steve and Will but with input from myself and Dave and passing comments by Patrick and Chris ('Yes.'), which lasted for half of the evening.

The debate that Steve and Will were having mostly revolved around what they considered as art and what they didn't. In particular, the example of a glass of water on a shelf called An Oak Tree which I quite liked the idea of but Steve seemed to hate. He doesn't think it's art.

My own opinion where art is concerned is that every human-made thing can be considered as art. So to me, whether the glass of water on the shelf was art or not was indisputable, because it can be considered as art just like everything else. The relevant question to me was whether it is good art or bad art.

I suppose all of these different points of view are acceptable and everyone is free to have the opinion that something is art or isn't art or that everything is art of a certain quality so there was no argument, just a peaceful, long debate airing our own opinions about art.

I guess this is what happens when a house full of geeks don't have an internet connection and there isn't anything worth watching on tv. Quite enjoyable really. I hope we still congregate in the lounge now and then when the internet connection gets installed (hopefully tomorrow.)

Today I didn't have any lectures because our only lecture - POT - was canceled. I came to uni anyway and went to the Windows lab to do my Databases coursework. I got part 1 finished and printed it out only to find the office was closed and there were no submission forms around the coursework letterbox for me to post it. So it's still in my bag at the moment. No rush though, it's due in on the 28th.

Oddly, it feels good to have coursework to do again. I think I haven't been tasking my brain enough over the Summer and it's a relief to prove to myself that it still works (not that this coursework was terribly complicated.)


Sara writes:

Well I was goign to wait for you to add a new blog, however this process seems to be atking rather some time. Therefore I have donned your site with a glorious comment in order to say hey.

Hope your working hard, I surely am not. Lol, This library is just too warm and I am considering returning home and abandoning all thoughts of turning up to my Lecture.

Keep it clean ;)


2005-10-13 15:35:47