Talk: Why Pybackpack Sucks

By Andrew Price, 2007-03-19 18:34:51 in General.

I'll be giving a short talk at the first ever (?) SUCS talks event tomorrow evening. I've never been the most confident public speaker but I'm looking forward to giving my talk and hearing what the other speakers have to say. In particular I'm looking forward to Sitsofe's talk on power management in Linux as it's a subject I know very little about.

My talk is entitled "Why Pybackpack Sucks". I'll be looking at the state pybackpack was in when I inherited it and highlighting some examples of bad programming design using it as the example. I'll be explaining how I've fixed some of problems and suggest ways that I could go about making it suck even less. I'm aiming to make it an opportunity to learn about program design and hopefully I'll get some good feedback from my fellow society members. Maybe I'll even get sent some patches soon after the event.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to tweak some of my slides as I've fixed one or two bugs that I was going to mention since I started putting them together. I think the hard part will be condensing the interesting bits down into a 10/15 minute talk but I'm sure I'll manage. I'll make sure to link to a video of my talk if one gets recorded. I'm sure it'll be very... entertaining :)

Update: The event went very well indeed and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. We're definitely doing it again some time. Videos of the talks are now up in ogg theora and flash format. Enjoy.