Swansea University Moving To Llanelli?

By Andrew Price, 2005-11-12 17:29:56 in General.

I was at Spar doing some emergency shopping for bread, milk, eggs and the like, when I passed the newspaper stand. The headline of one of the South Wales newspapers said something like "Shock University Move To Llanelli". On closer inspection, it was none other than our own Swansea University.

When I got back I mentioned it in milliways and Dom found this news story about the (considered) move on the web. Shocker!

I hope they manage to keep the university in its current location. The beach front will truly be missed and there will most likely be a lot of disruption for SUCS - would we have to turn into LUCS? The impact on Swansea as a whole would be pretty terrible.

Worrying news.