SUCS Treasurer? Moi?

By Andrew Price, 2005-12-02 01:46:26 in General.

The nominations for the roles in the 2006 SUCS exec committee were published today and it appears that a couple of sneaky blighters nominated me for treasurer.

I've been pondering over whether to actually run for the post or step down and let the other guy have a chance at being on the exec. I've come to the conclusion that if SUCS as a whole wanted to let the new guy be on the exec then they'll vote for him and not me. So I guess it's good luck to you James, and let the best man win.

That said, I didn't have to endure the poll last year as I was the only person to run for president so this year I might have to jump into the fun and come up with a twisted geeky campaign gimmick.

I mustn't forget to congratulate James Frost for becoming the 2006 president. Top bloke, is frosty.

There's plenty of enthusiasm all round - it should be a blast next year.