Softly, Softly, Catchy Snakey

By Andrew Price, 2006-09-03 18:52:35 in General.

Admittedly, my progress on pyBackPack has been somewhat slow to materialise. I have two main excuses:

  1. I want to be careful to avoid turning pyBackPack into a horrible mess of code that is unmaintainable in the future. This involves learning the existing code and the interfaces to the libraries it uses so that I know all of its intricacies before I make any drastic changes to it. It also involves looking at other (good) python projects and absorbing clue from how they're structured;
  2. I've been looking into some limitations of the libraries that pyBackPack uses which might effect its usefulness quite drastically unless some big changes are made. Luckily the limitations don't seem to be as threatening as I had first feared and one of them will certainly be fixed for the next release.

That said, I have done some work tinkering with pyBackPack's trac and subversion repository. The repository is now organised into the traditional trunk/tags/branches structure which will allow me (and any other contributors that might come along in the future) to do some experimental work without worrying about screwing up the main trunk of development. I have also scoured the tickets in the trac and reassigned them all to me, closed ones which didn't apply any more and asked for more feedback on some of the more ambiguous ones. Oh, and deleted comment spam (sigh).

I must remember to figure out what revision Dave released as version 0.4.2 so I can tag it. There will certainly be some compatibility issues with the next release due to the nautilusburn API being a moving target and I'm keen to avoid falling behind with the latest developments in nautilusburn, rdiff-backup, glade, etc.

Speaking of releases, I'm open to suggestions for a release strategy. I know the old saying goes "Release early, release often" so I'll probably use that as a guideline.