Rocking And Rolling

By Andrew Price, 2006-08-23 02:32:31 in General.

It's been a fun couple of days. I spent a lot of Monday and Tuesday doing some geeky Ubuntu-related things. Inspired by a couple of challenges from Barry deFreese on #ubuntu-motu I've been learning how to write man pages and roll packages for Ubuntu. So far I've written a man page for a wireless packet sniffer called prismstumbler (which I've never even used before). I also rolled a Ubuntu deb package of the latest version of GNU Smalltalk because the package in Debian unstable was getting a bit old and consequently, so was the one in Ubuntu.

Packaging GNU Smalltalk took me a while to get my head around because GNU Smalltalk uses its own package installer called gst-package and it uses autotools so it was hard to see where the install scripts wanted to copy files to without running a test build of the original package but it built properly in the end, with some help from the older package's deb scripts. Not too bad for my second ever attempt at rolling a deb package (He says...). My package is now in REVU, waiting for some kind MOTUs to help me fix the inevitable packaging bugs before passing it for inclusion into the universe Ubuntu repository. It feels good to be giving something back to the open source community and learning some new useful skills.

Update: My gnu-smalltalk package made it into the Ubuntu universe repository. Rock.