Rejoining The MOTU Fun

By Andrew Price, 2007-03-30 09:14:41 in General.

Thanks to the absence of lectures since last Friday I've had the chance to properly get back into my FOSS saddle. I've mostly been helping out the Ubuntu MOTU folks who are an awesome bunch of people that, as a team, keeps the Universe and Multiverse software repositories stocked with an insane amount of applications, tools, games, libraries, documentation and other cool packages and keep it as bug free as they possibly can.

There is a lot to do and anyone who wants to can jump right in. There's a huge amount of documentation on the Ubuntu wiki and lots of friendly people on IRC to ask when you get stuck. To get started, I would suggest joining and hanging out on #ubuntu-bugs to see all the new bugs being announced and also join #ubuntu-motu where the real action takes place ;) The magic words are "How do I get started fixing bugs?".

You'll probably be pointed at a few handy wiki pages to read but after a bit of learning you'll be able to pick a bug from the list of easy ones (tagged bitesize) and have a go at fixing it. At first, you might find that some of the bugs are a bit confusing or you don't know how to start fixing them. Don't worry if that happens, you can always ask what to do, pick an easier bug to work on, or use it just to practice your bug fixing and packaging skills. I've downloaded source packages only to find that I couldn't fix the bug myself but I learnt a lot from trying. That's the part that I find the most fun.