Pybackpack Loves Debian (And Ubuntu Too)

By Andrew Price, 2007-04-29 02:51:19 in General.

I'm pleased to report that after an almost three-week wait in Debian's NEW queue, pybackpack is now available in the Debian Sid (unstable) repository. Hurrah. This means that it'll be available in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) too.

Before the 0.5.0 release I hadn't yet made friends with pybackpack's code and I was hesitant to submit pybackpack into a big distro like Debian. At one point It was uploaded to Ubuntu's REVU but I requested it to be removed. Now I'm more confident that I know the code and I have a good picture in my head of what's going to happen next in its development.

I'm sure that pybackpack still has plenty of bugs that need ironing out and it needs some more tender loving care but having it in Debian and Ubuntu will hopefully encourage more feedback in the form of bug reports and other contributions. That way I'll be able to get a better idea about which direction to take it in.

Now I just need to get this coursework and my exams out of the way so that I can give myself some proper hacking time. Bah, computer science degrees - they're nothing but trouble.


Aeternus writes:

1.5.0? wasn't it 0.5.0?

2007-04-29 11:40:55

michael schurter writes:

I'm excited to see a nice simple (yet feature filled) backup app in Debian & Ubuntu! Thanks!

Just one request: is it too late to drop the "Py" prefix? Backpack is a great name, and no end users care what language its written in.

I'm sick of all of the g-, my-, php-, py-, gtk-, prefixes for end user applications. It seems silly.

2007-05-03 15:23:57

Andy Price writes:

Yes, 0.5.0, corrected now. Thanks Aeternus.

michael: I've never really liked the name having the py- prefix either so I'm sure there will be a name change in the future. Perhaps when pybackpack goes through that radical change to make it a killer app I keep talking about ;)

2007-06-26 19:18:58