Oh Great, Chain Spam SMS Now?

By Andrew Price, 2006-01-12 15:08:59 in General.

I just received the following SMS message:

There r mor than 20angels in this world!10r Sleepin on clouds,9r playin&1 is reading this txt.Send this2 10 m8s inc me,if u gt5replies som1u love wil surpris u!

Other than the terrible spelling and totally nonsensical message, it's a blatantly viral chain message. "Send this2 10 m8s inc me" - what, so that you and 9 others can send it back to me again? I think not.

How. Daft.


Elsmorian writes:


What? You don't love me?? Well fine....
And you didnt get 5 replies so its your own fault.

Don't forget to forward this comment to 6.63x10^34 people in 1 second, or you will come home to find you house filled with beans :)

2006-01-12 17:05:12