New Phone! Well, Sort Of

By Andrew Price, 2006-07-13 23:54:58 in General.

Anyone who has spent some time with me in the last couple of years or has tried to phone or text me will have noticed that I use an old, chunky Nokia 3510i which has little memory, no camera, has a tendency to forget about receiving messages until you power cycle it and only picks up signal in a few scattered cubic inches of my house.

Due to my mother's impending 0x3C'th birthday I've been back at home-home in Cardiff since Monday. When I got here, mum excitedly showed off the new mobile phone that my dad had bought her - a rather nifty flip-up Panasonic with lots of crazily unnecessary features such as Sonic The Hedgehog on it. It eventually occured to me that mum's old phone was just lying around doing nothing and that it was a hell of a lot better than my old 3510i. So today I nabbed it and plonked my SIM card in it to give it a test and it seems that there's not much wrong with it.

Now, I'm not one to let old hardware die while there's still life in it (especially when it means I get a free upgrade) so I asked my mum to let me have it and she happily obliged. A bit of fiddling later and a call to Orange's customer service line and I've now got the ability to send and receive MMS messages, with the first 30 photo messages free. The photos aren't of a wonderful quality though:

A low quality photo taken with my new phone

So now I'm the owner of a nice and almost-shiny Nokia 7250. The acid test will be to get it back to Swansea and see how well it works in the low-signal environment that is the House of Geek.