By Andrew Price, 2007-04-16 15:59:22 in General.

Since the release of pybackpack 0.5.0 last week I've seen an impressive blip in the amount of attention the project is getting. I've received more feature requests, bug reports, suggestions and other pybackpack-related emails this week than there has been in the last 6 months. It's pretty exciting, and it's really keeping me busy and motivated.

In an attempt to focus this new attention and to build a small community around pybackpack, I set up a pybackpack mailing list for users and contributors to share ideas, give each other support and coordinate work on the project. I'm happy to say that it's so far been successful, with 25 messages hitting the archive since I set up the list yesterday morning.

Surprisingly the first bunch of people to participate in the discussion on the list all seem to be Mac OS X and Ubuntu users so there's been a lot of talk about how to get pybackpack working on OS X using packages from Fink, presumably so that backups can be made from their Mac laptops using their Ubuntu machines as backup servers. The discussions have already been productive - a wiki page about how to get pybackpack running on OS X has made its way onto the project trac. It's pretty exciting, especially considering pybackpack still has a long way to go before it becomes the simple-to-use backup tool that it was conceived to be.

I'm happily taking the suggestions of the Mac crowd on board. To make pybackpack more accessible to non-gnome users, it's going to need to be further decoupled from the gnome-specific libraries such as nautilusburn and gnome-vfs which, although they provide cheap, well tested and convenient functionality, tend to limit the scope of pybackpack's distribution. The plan will eventually be to not necessarily remove these libraries completely (if they add enough value to the program) but to provide generic fallbacks which should allow pybackpack to cope without being in a Gnome environment. A lot of work also needs to be done to make pybackpack prettier and more HIG-friendly.

All this work will get done eventually, and I'm excited about how it's going to turn out once its done. Unfortunately I'm going to have to put my head back into the books very soon and knock pybackpack down my priority list a few places. I've let far too much coursework stack up over this Easter break and once that's out of the way I need to start preparing for exams. Sigh. Oh well, at least I'm having fun.


-a- writes:

Hello Andrew,

I ran across your blog and program through the ubuntu-planet. Nice work! Keep it up.

To add to your feature requests and plans for the future.

I would just love a way to automatically and incrementally back up my usb thumb-drive content to some HDD location every time I (auto)mount it.

USB-drives don't just break they are lost frequently as well :(

perhaps this is an option to consider once u get to feature expansion.

Good luck with development,

2007-04-16 20:52:29

costal writes:


i saw your post on planet ubuntu, and quickly checked your little nice backuptool...

just two things:

a "cancel" button for ongoing backups would be definitly nice. (did a testhomebackup, and it backed up and backed up and backed up without the possibility to cancel this test.)

also i really like to use my applications in fullscreenmode, sized over the whole desktop.
so i'm can totaly fixate me on the running app, and i'm not diverted from othe running things on my desktop...

sorry for my bad english and sorry for posting this in your comments...

keep up the good work...


costal from switzerland

2007-04-18 19:47:29