I've Bagged pyBackPack

By Andrew Price, 2006-08-16 22:48:41 in General.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, Dave had given me the opportunity to take his 2005 Google Summer of Code project, pyBackPack, off his hands and carry on its development after he had just about abandoned the code. Today the handover was made and pyBackPack is now my first ever real open source project. I'm very excited about it.

pyBackPack is a pretty nifty file backup manager written in python with a GUI built with Glade2. I have dabbled in python/GTK+ programming before so it should be pretty easy to get to grips with the code. Some new underlying concepts such as rdiff, mkisofs, cdrecord and programmatically transferring files over SFTP, parallel concepts such as rolling .rpm and .deb packages and general package maintenance will be new aspects to me but I'm sure my enthusiasm will plug those gaps in my skillset soon enough. My development will be mostly done using Ubuntu (I have 6.06 and Edgy to test it on) and I have an Fedora Core 5 install to test it on too but I'm hoping others will get involved and take some of the distro-centric tasks off my hands.

To keep you up-to-date with pyBackPack development and download releases, code and screenshots I've started a pyBackPack page which I'll make pretty and add more to in good time.

So, thanks Dave, I'm sure I'll be badgering you to explain some of your more eccentric coding decisions for the next few weeks :)