I Wish I Was A Naked Penguin.

By Andrew Price, 2005-05-27 22:50:53 in General.

Summer is officially here.

Unfortunately I only spent half of the day, well, a few hours anyway, trying to revise in my room which has become like a Swedish sauna that has been swept up in a tornado and dumped gently (maybe upon a nearsighted, wicked witch with neat shoes and clashing socks) in the hot bit of Kenya, or a similarly hot equatorial nation. I'm on the top floor so naturally all the heat is rising from the rooms below mine to produce some kind of specialised human residence shaped oven.

Today's specials are: Andy a la flambe, deep fried Andy and boiled Andy with toast soldiers. No ice cream for dessert I'm afraid as the freezer is suboptimal due to no one in the flat wanting to defrost it. Here's the whine list.

So I found myself breaking free of Andy's Inferno and taking a trip down to the SUCS room, where things were a bit cooler, especially after I got a nice cold pint of milk and a Fab ice lolly down my neck. Once there, I was further distracted by the speedy progress of development of the new blog system which Chris, Dave, Steve and myself are all now working on. It has been less than a week since we first set up the blogs database in order to start this zany project and we've already got rather a lot done. I'm well impressed with us. It's really a pity that these kinds of projects can't be taken into account by the Comp Sci department. Working on things that you're interested in is so educational, and ten times more rewarding for your brain.

So after things died down in the SUCS room (it can be a busy and fun place sometimes. It can. No, really, it can.) I returned to my room, realised it was still a flaming cauldron of human torture and academic procrastination and then went for a walk.

The beach is a very nice place to be today, as is the park. Swansea can be such a nice place to be with this kind of weather but when you're stuck in halls doing (for a given value of doing) revision, it's not nice at all. I'm tempted to go to the library next time my brain decides it wants to prepare for my remaining exams so that I can exploit the air conditioning system in one of the computer rooms.

From my window I can see a line of temporary stables in the park which were put there to house equine beasties for the duration of The Swansea Show. Today people started arriving in big vehicles to fill the temporary stables with four legged horse-shaped contents. This is all well and good. I quite like horses (despite having never driven one). And I appreciate the need for The Swansea Show. But - and this is a small "but", and no malice towards either the horses or their owners should be perceived of it - But - I can smell the stables from my room. Sigh.

Getting back to my resting state of optimism, I really am glad Summer is here and I can't wait until these pesky exams are over so that I can put my brain to good use in enjoying the Summer, pickling it lightly in ethanol based substances now and then to keep it fresh.


Pete writes:

Did you make an appointment with Summer or did she drop everything to see you?

2005-06-01 17:50:09

Andy writes:

Pete, i would say that was a bad joke but it isnt.. its a terrible joke! ;)

2005-06-01 21:06:16

sits writes:

selinux test

2005-06-28 21:44:09