Getting Back On Track...

By Andrew Price, 2006-01-08 10:06:16 in General.

...and no that doesn't involve using Ruby On Rails.

After reading a few planet debian posts about the delights (and bad side) of being an early riser I decided that I might give it a shot and make my sleep pattern sane before my exams arrive. The whole idea is to go to sleep when and only when you're tired and wake up at the same time each morning. For the last couple of days it seems to have worked, with late bed times and early(er) rises, at around 9am. Although, I guess my improved sleep pattern could also be explained by my putting my mind to work on things like revision and a new interest of mine, helping to test out and debug lastmp and lastfmsubmitd (incidently, my first ever contribution to an open source project). I probably shouldn't be doing the latter, but it has provided an interesting and all-to-convenient escape from the stress of thinking about exams, as the SUCS blogs system did last year.

By the way, Sean, how much did that chair set you back? I want one!


Sean Handley writes:

Fifty quid from Argos :)

2006-01-08 11:03:36

Andrew Price writes:

You have way too much money.

2006-01-08 12:21:57

Sean Handley writes:

Actually, it was a Christmas present from my mum.

She's a special-needs teacher and had to do a course about various spinal problems. Ever since then she's been obsessed with me sitting properly at the PC, lest I develop a hunch or something.

Perhaps it's time to inform the 'rents of your terrible back problems ;)

2006-01-08 12:41:05