Free Software Paying My Bills

By Andrew Price, 2007-01-11 12:50:50 in General.

I guess it's about time I blogged about this. The UK Free Software Network has started a new "Profits" programme where they're awarding students money for contributing to free software in the form of minimum wage employment. They're kicking off the programme with one student this year and raising the number gradually over the next few years. I'm pleased to report that I've been chosen to be the first student on the programme.

It's a great opportunity for me to spend my spare time working on pyBackPack, contributing back to Ubuntu and I have one or two new projects in mind too. Anyway, I won't ramble on, I have exam revision to do. The story has been covered by Ping Wales.


Pete writes:

Wow, that's rather good.

I wonder how Dave feels about you profiting from his project 8)

2007-01-11 14:00:32

ssam writes:

its been dugg

i am glad i switched my adsl to ukfsn

2007-01-11 15:26:39

Steve writes:

Wooo!!!! Andy! Get you!
Well done my friend, just don't let it interfere with those exams now ay?!
Congrats dude :)

2007-01-12 11:38:50