By Andrew Price, 2006-08-14 15:38:33 in General.

I've finally gotten around to mucking out the rest of the old, purple junk from my website. With the PBF getting its own RSS feed and Dave offering to give me maintainership of pybackpack, I decided it was about time to scrap the old pages, scripts and programs that made up the "Geekiness" section of the website and replace it with a slightly more grown-up Projects section that will contain details about things that I've been hacking on or just taking part in. At the moment the list isn't very impressive but once I've embedded myself deeper into the open source world I expect it will grow and get less waffly.

I still haven't gotten around to implementing comments for my web blog but then I haven't yet figured out the best way to handle comment spam. I don't want to add verification images that bots can't read and I'm not keen on the idea of comment moderation. But I'm open to suggestions.

Oh, I've also ditched the Links page. I mean, who reads them?