Chugging Along Happily

By Andrew Price, 2006-12-13 01:52:45 in General.

Things have been rather busy lately. I must admit that I had slightly too much fun on the weekend considering the four coursework deadlines I was supposed to meet this week. A more sensible person would have put their head down and worked like stink all weekend but the temptation of some fun distractions enticed me away from my original path. Here's what I've been up to lately:

All of this and some other, minor sidetrackings led me to run over the deadline for my Algorithms & Complexity coursework due in on Monday and my Functional Programming coursework for today wasn't the best I could have done. I really should have taken a rain check for that fun list of procrastinations but I had fun and I'm happy about the decisions I made. I must remember to recalibrate my priorities before my exams in January, though.

So, just two more deadlines to meet on Friday and then I'll be free to enjoy my Christmas break, which will be filled with coding, partying and shopping. I might even get time to do some Ubuntu work, which I've been guiltily failing to make time for since the end of the Summer. Sorry, Ubuntu! I'll give you some love soon, I promise. I also need to take care of some annoying bugs in pybackpack, do some work on marvin (because it's been vapourware for far too long), write the todo list program I've been meaning to write since the Summer and find a stable source of income before student life empties my bank account entirely.

"More hours in a day" is on my Christmas list this year.