Christopher Walken For President

By Andrew Price, 2005-08-14 16:46:57 in General.

Either Christopher Walken is running for US president in 2008 or someone is a bit too obsessed with the man.

If I was American (and this wasn't a joke), Christopher Walken would probably get my vote. He seems like a good bloke and can't be any worse than the current president.

Apparently the campaign is keeping a low profile until Walken finishes his next bunch of films and it will kick off properly in 2007. Sounds fishy to me, I don't think anyone running for president would leave it that late to start a campaign.

Although the campaign website has been up since Wednesday, only one news website seems to have cottoned on to/fallen for it.

I doubt it's true but it would be cool if it was, wouldn't it?


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