Blogging In A Linux Wonderland

By Andrew Price, 2005-12-21 21:10:56 in General.

Today feels like a relatively productive day.

After some helpful persuasion from my Mother I managed to get out of bed before 10am. The whole point of this was meant to be so that I could get up early and get into town for Christmas shopping before the town centre got too busy. Being the lazy geek that I have proven myself to be on many occasions I had breakfast and then hopped onto the computer, predictably getting caught up in tweaking things here and there, chatting about Debian's (and hence Ubuntu's) lack of run level 3,4 and 5 usage on milliways and generally procrastinating. Before I knew what time it was, the NTL bloke arrived to plonk a digital TV box under the TV. So I waited until he was gone, had a fiddle around with the channels to show my mum how the shiny new menu system and remote control worked and then at around 3pm I finally got my arse out of the door and into town. On the most manky bus I've ever been on I might add.

Once in town I headed straight for Spillers to get the CDs that I had thought of for certain members of my family. I said hi to Ashli and Grace who work there and after a brief chat Ashli asked what I was looking for. I reeled off my mental list of 3 CDs but unfortunately none of them were in stock. I was most disappointed. I did remember to pick up a copy of Takk... by Sigur Rós though, which I'm currently playing and chilling out to. Yay for buying myself presents.

I guess the rest of my shopping trip is censored, due to Santa - Patient confidentiality and my family reading my blog (one hopes.) I have to say though, my Mum is not easy person to buy presents for. Mum - get a hobby :)

About four hours later I had had enough of shopping so I bought a sandwich to get bus change (Cardiff buses don't give change, damn them) and headed to the bus stop. At the stop there was a steaming drunk bloke going off on one to a total stranger and making a little old lady visibly nervous. I think he was having a rant about terrorist attacks or something, but he could have been emitting pink noise for all the sense he was making. He liked to use the word "fuck" a lot too.

I arrived home at about 7:45 with a full rucksack of presents, aching feet and a craving for a liqueur coffee, which i didn't hold back on the cream or whiskey with. Perfect winter warmer.

As a result of my earlier poking around on my PC, Linux is now the "family" PC's main OS. At last. Mum has her email and stuff all set up and I've imported all her old emails over so she didn't lose anything. All that's left now is to install the usual plugins for Firefox and a Java runtime and copy some more important files over from the old hard drive and everything will be hunky dory.

I'm really starting to feel the Christmas spirit now, things are getting less stressful.