Blog Updates and New Design

By Andrew Price, 2006-04-07 08:57:18 in General.

Firstly, apologies for any flooding my blog has been doing on aggregators lately (SUCS, Rupamsunyata) and to bloglines readers. I've been fiddling with my RSS feed to make it a bit more sane. Hopefully the addition of the <gid> element will prevent future floodings.

As those of you who don't read my blog via RSS can see, I've made a change in its design. I'm aiming for a more readable, minimal and easy to maintain design that will look pretty much the same across different browsers while not straining the eyes as much as the design of the old one did. It's still early days and I might tweak it here and there but I think I've just about cracked it. Opinions are very welcome.

I've also implemented a better URL system for the blog to make the addresses of the entries more descriptive and disabled comments (I need to think of a smarter comment system which will avoid spam actually hitting my blog) so if you have any comments for me, feel free to email them to

I'll be rolling the new design out to the rest of my site when I have a bit more time and imagination. The problem with redoing a personal website is finding out just how boring you are :)