Birthdays, Barbecues and Large Balls of Plasma

By Andrew Price, 2006-07-18 18:04:38 in General.

Cor, it's been a scorcher the last few days. I was planning on meeting up with some old friends in Cardiff and going into town to do some shopping before I leave but the hot weather has made me a bit lethargic and sleep deprived and I'm inclined to stay at home in the shade wearing as little as common decency will allow. The idea of heading back to Swansea has been made all the more appealing by the temptation of heading down to the beach and swimming in the sea. So I'll probably go back tomorrow.

My mum's birthday party went very well. Lots of people turned up, we all got very happily drunk, I got to see and catch up with members of my extended family and the food was tasty and plentiful. Especially the 5 or 6 desserts I managed to fit into a small bowl and polish off between pints of Murphy's whilst my cousin's daughter continued her physical assault on my skull with party balloons. Good fun.

A silly photo of Andy the BBQ chef

The day after the party we had a barbecue for which I was dubbed chef. Much food was eaten, mostly of the meat variety, and for dessert we had barbecued bananas with old-fashioned style vanilla ice cream. Delicious. I received praise for my cooking skill and two days later everyone is still alive and well so I think I can conclude that it went well.

So, back to Swansea tomorrow and I hear it's going to be hotter still. Someone reserve me a spot in the sea at Rotherslade!