Back To Scrobbling

By Andrew Price, 2006-08-17 14:58:23 in General.

Good news - my lastfmsubmitd sync request got sorted out and I have returned to the world of the scrobblers on, managing to pass 7000 tracks played shortly after my return. I haven't used lastfmsubmitd and lastmp for a while - since around version 0.21 when I did a bit of debugging for it - and since then it has reached version 0.32.1, gotten into Debian Sid (Unstable branch) and subsequently into Ubuntu Edgy which I have installed for testing on my PC. I'm rather impressed with how smooth it's installing and running these days.

So if you're crazy enough to be running Ubuntu Edgy or Debian Sid at the moment and have a account (and you like to use the terminal), I'd recommend the following:

$ sudo apt-get install mpd mpc lastfmsubmitd lastmp

mpd 0.12 is due to be released later this month and it's the first new release for quite a while. It's looking quite shiny. I hope it gets into Debian unstable fast enough to be synced into Edgy.

$ if [ food_of_love "music" ]; do mpc play; done

Apologies to Mr. Shakespeare