And Now, The End Is Near

By Andrew Price, 2008-05-27 03:08:38 in General.

It's gone 2:00am and my final exam of my entire degree course begins in about seven hours. What a strange feeling. My life is approaching one of those unsettling turning points where just about anything can happen. At least, it feels that way: the sky's the limit. Realistically my next days will be spent basking in the warm glow of relief that the course has ended, celebrating, and spending some proper happy-time with my friends, who I've missed greatly over the last I've-forgotten-how-long due to the CS Course From Hell effect.

After and during all that fun stuff, as I understand is traditional in these circumstances, I'll be looking for a job. I'm aware that advertising the kind of area I'd like to work in on my blog may be counterproductive but any Sharp-eyed Stanley could figure out my preferences from my website and the sites which syndicate my blog entries. Fingers crossed, anyway.

Somewhat less traditionally, I really want to get stuck in and push my open source projects along now. I've been neglecting Pybackpack terribly for the last academic year, and Gnome has gone and changed GnomeVFS into GVFS/GIO which means the crazy Gnome-dependent bits still remaining in Pybackpack are getting rotten. Its code base dates back to when Dave and I were first learning Python so there's some pretty shocking stuff in there too, and it's begging for a rewrite. Although lately I've been developing some ideas about abstracting away the commonalities of backup systems and encapsulating them in a framework so it may evolve into something different. I should mature those ideas and write them down out at some point.

This last academic year my main focus has been Askant, the Linux file system performance analysis tool I've been developing for my third year project and dissertation. It's not very pretty or useful right now but it'll get there with some love and elbow grease. Askant has been at the centre of one of the most interesting and challenging learning experiences I've had at university. While researching for it, I've learned a good deal about file systems (GFS2 in particular), block IO, the Linux kernel in general, C, extending Python, and to top things off, it taught me enough to let me contribute five whole characters of code in the kernel. There'll be more where they came from, I'm sure.

As for Twyt, well, that's simple and modular so I've been able to hack on it in stolen moments of relaxation. It shouldn't take long for it to reach full API support when I'm free to work on it. It's been attracting a fair amount of interest lately (I think more computer geeks are joining Twitter, you know).

Well, I'd better cut this short and get some sleep. That silly exam isn't going to write itself.


Tobeon writes:

I like how this post entitled "And Now, The End is Near" only a actually talks about finishing university for two short paragraphs before moving on to your coding conquests, it definitely shows where your interests lie.... somehow I don't think you will have too much trouble finding a job as you are so passionate about what you do!

2008-05-27 07:18:13

Andy writes:

Well, "The End Is Near" is a bit wrong really. I really should've called it "And Now, The Beginning Is Near". But Ol' Blue Eyes would roll in his grave if I did :-)

2008-05-27 14:44:17