A Shiny Windows Pictorial Walkthrough For SUCS Members Who Like Pointing And Clicking

By Andrew Price, 2005-11-30 05:25:41 in General.

This is how to access your SUCS home directory (your files, webspace etc.) remotely using Windows XP so that you can view all your files as icons. It is meant to be a comprehensive guide for new members and those who have only ever used Windows. It acts as an update for the Windows section of http://sucs.org/wiki/webdav.

Of course, a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words so I'm going to blatantly scrimp on the words and add a few links to relevant screen shots. Here goes:

  1. My Computer
  2. My Network Places [Screenshot]
  3. Add a network place [Screenshot]
  4. Next
  5. "Choose another network location", Next
  6. https://sucs.org/dav, Next [Screenshot]
  7. Security Alert, Yes [Screenshot]
  8. Enter your SUCS details [Screenshot]
  9. Name the network place, Next
  10. Finish

Optional bit to put a shortcut to your SUCS stuff on your desktop:

  1. My Network Places, copy your SUCS network place
  2. Desktop, right-click, Paste Shortcut

A note to non-technical Windows users: don't be intimidated by all the extra files that you see whose names begin with a full stop (.) . That's just how you can mark files as 'hidden' under Linux but Windows doesn't appear to hide them. They're usually just user program settings and things like that and you can probably just ignore them for now.