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Web Log - SUCS

Talk: FLOSSing Your Bits

By Andrew Price, 2007-05-16 04:47:51 in SUCS. (Permalink)

Yesterday the second round of the Swansea University Computer Society lightning talks was held. I gave a talk entitled FLOSSing Your Bits - a student's guide to starting an open source project. The slides are online [PDF] for anyone who might be interested in starting their own free/open source project. It's not a complete (or unbiased) guide but I think I've highlighted the important aspects. The slides should make some sense on their own but a video of the talk might be available online some time soon. Thanks again to the computer society for a very enjoyable and educational evening.

Talk: Why Pybackpack Sucks

By Andrew Price, 2007-03-19 18:34:51 in SUCS. (Permalink)

I'll be giving a short talk at the first ever (?) SUCS talks event tomorrow evening. I've never been the most confident public speaker but I'm looking forward to giving my talk and hearing what the other speakers have to say. In particular I'm looking forward to Sitsofe's talk on power management in Linux as it's a subject I know very little about.

My talk is entitled "Why Pybackpack Sucks". I'll be looking at the state pybackpack was in when I inherited it and highlighting some examples of bad programming design using it as the example. I'll be explaining how I've fixed some of problems and suggest ways that I could go about making it suck even less. I'm aiming to make it an opportunity to learn about program design and hopefully I'll get some good feedback from my fellow society members. Maybe I'll even get sent some patches soon after the event.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to tweak some of my slides as I've fixed one or two bugs that I was going to mention since I started putting them together. I think the hard part will be condensing the interesting bits down into a 10/15 minute talk but I'm sure I'll manage. I'll make sure to link to a video of my talk if one gets recorded. I'm sure it'll be very... entertaining :)

Update: The event went very well indeed and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. We're definitely doing it again some time. Videos of the talks are now up in ogg theora and flash format. Enjoy.

Good News For Gamers

By Andrew Price, 2005-12-22 22:57:02 in SUCS. (Permalink)

World Exclusive: Today I received an email from the LIS network team manager informing me that they will be opening up connections to the SUCS games server for outside uni network usage in January. Excellent news. You heard it here first folks. A big Merry Christmas to the LIS network team.

Vote For Me

By Andrew Price, 2005-12-05 02:06:35 in SUCS. (Permalink)

Ok here's my pitch, short and sweet: Vote for me and I'll be as good a treasurer next year as I was president this year. Oh, wait...

SUCS Treasurer? Moi?

By Andrew Price, 2005-12-02 01:46:26 in SUCS. (Permalink)

The nominations for the roles in the 2006 SUCS exec committee were published today and it appears that a couple of sneaky blighters nominated me for treasurer.

I've been pondering over whether to actually run for the post or step down and let the other guy have a chance at being on the exec. I've come to the conclusion that if SUCS as a whole wanted to let the new guy be on the exec then they'll vote for him and not me. So I guess it's good luck to you James, and let the best man win.

That said, I didn't have to endure the poll last year as I was the only person to run for president so this year I might have to jump into the fun and come up with a twisted geeky campaign gimmick.

I mustn't forget to congratulate James Frost for becoming the 2006 president. Top bloke, is frosty.

There's plenty of enthusiasm all round - it should be a blast next year.

A Shiny Windows Pictorial Walkthrough For SUCS Members Who Like Pointing And Clicking

By Andrew Price, 2005-11-30 05:25:41 in SUCS. (Permalink)

This is how to access your SUCS home directory (your files, webspace etc.) remotely using Windows XP so that you can view all your files as icons. It is meant to be a comprehensive guide for new members and those who have only ever used Windows. It acts as an update for the Windows section of

Of course, a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words so I'm going to blatantly scrimp on the words and add a few links to relevant screen shots. Here goes:

  1. My Computer
  2. My Network Places [Screenshot]
  3. Add a network place [Screenshot]
  4. Next
  5. "Choose another network location", Next
  6., Next [Screenshot]
  7. Security Alert, Yes [Screenshot]
  8. Enter your SUCS details [Screenshot]
  9. Name the network place, Next
  10. Finish

Optional bit to put a shortcut to your SUCS stuff on your desktop:

  1. My Network Places, copy your SUCS network place
  2. Desktop, right-click, Paste Shortcut

A note to non-technical Windows users: don't be intimidated by all the extra files that you see whose names begin with a full stop (.) . That's just how you can mark files as 'hidden' under Linux but Windows doesn't appear to hide them. They're usually just user program settings and things like that and you can probably just ignore them for now.

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