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Web Log - Celebrations

Happy 2nd Birthday, Blog

By Andrew Price, 2007-05-08 01:19:03 in Celebrations. (Permalink)

Today my blog is two years old. Aww, isn't it cute.

Since the 8th May 2005, I've managed to write a very humble 106 entries and attract a similarly humble 55 non-spam comments. I'd like to thank all three of my regular readers (my mother being one) and if any of you think I should make my blog more readable or worthwhile, do feel free to contribute a comment to bolster next year's statistics.

Reading back over my first few entries, I notice just how much I've learnt about the world, Linux and the tech world in general and I also notice how I've changed as a person. For instance, I rant a lot less these days. That's a good thing. One unfortunate change that seems to have struck me is that my writing style is a lot more formal and less quirky these days. I really should go back to writing like I did in such entries as "I Wish I Was a Naked Penguin" but perhaps to not such a degree of silliness.

Anyway, I'm starting to see why people keep journals and write blogs, now. It's cool to look back on yourself two years ago and see how you've progressed. Even though you write for the world to read, it's enjoyable to read the entries back for yourself, even if it does just teach you how immature you were back then.

One thing's for certain - I don't half ramble on sometimes :)

No More Exam Rants

By Andrew Price, 2006-01-28 09:27:27 in Celebrations. (Permalink)

... until the next lot.

Exams are finally over. I had my last one yesterday before heading to the pub with Sara, Sean, Kat, Graham, James and Chris to unwind and have a couple of pints. Now I can concentrate on the semester that lies before me and interesting things like the group project that we're going to have to do soon. I've already set up an svn repository and a trac for it. I hope the rest of my group want to use svn because I'm now really very fond of using it.

This weekend should be filled with interesting things like going to see Underworld: Evolution at the cinema with Sara and hacking on Steve's new python project, pyBots. Then next week, it's back to lectures... um... yay?

Hoppy Nude Deer!

By Andrew Price, 2006-01-01 15:19:02 in Celebrations. (Permalink)

Happy new year to all my friends, family, ex-colleagues, and anyone else who reads this site.

I had a lot of fun in 2005. Here's to another year just like it.

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