Development of Twyt has been discontinued. This page may cease to exist some time in the future.

A Twitter API interface for Python

Twyt is a Twitter API interface for Python. It provides an interface to the remote Twitter API functions and classes to allow easy manipulation of the returned sets of data, such as status messages and user information. To get started, read the pydocs embedded in twyt.twitter. There is also a brief development how-to provided to get you started writing apps using twyt. Twyt is released under the BSD license.

The package also provides an example command line Twitter client called twyt which utilises the provided modules. Studying its code is a good way to start developing with twyt.

See the APITODO file for API interface completeness.

Get stuck in


To get the latest and broken-est source code from the bzr repository, do:

bzr branch


See the accompanying documents and man pages for usage and development information.