Development of pybackpack has been discontinued. See the official announcement for details. The rest of this page has been kept in tact for laziness and archival purposes.

A friendly file backup manager

pybackpack is a user-friendly file backup tool written for the Gnome desktop environment and released under the GPL.

The project was originally written by Dave Arter who worked on it for the Google Summer of Code in 2005, for the Fedora Project. After a short period of inactivity, the project is now being maintained by me.

Get stuck in


One thing that makes a good software package is documentation. At the moment pybackpack is very user friendly but still not fool-proof and so it will require some documentation, either on the web or shipped with the package. If you'd like to help with documenting pybackpack using the wiki, feel free to get in touch.

See also...

Summer of Code 2006 also had a backup tool project that you might be interested in - Arthur Pemberton's system-config-backup.

A rocking home user backup tool is being developed by Sivan Green for Ubuntu.